How To Use Shareit On PC To Transfer Files To / From Mobile

SHAREit is one of the popular file transfer application that people commonly use for PC and smartphone file transfer because it is easy to send large files to anyone quickly. And also it allows you to share any files like audio, video, photos, documents, apps and more that you have on your device. The main thing of Shareit is it does not use your internet connection; instead, it uses direct Wi-Fi technology. When you open the SHAREit app for sharing files it automatically turns off Wi-Fi internet connection and turns on Wi-Fi.

SHAREit between PC and Mobile
SHAREit between PC and Mobile

Sometimes you face some issues like you are unable to create a hotspot on PC when you turned on the mobile data or else you already connected to other apps. On that time, you needs to Restart and closing other apps while using SHAREit will help you to make the new connection. In this post, we will explain briefly how to connect and share files between PC and mobile by using SHAREit. Continue your reading to know about that. To share files between mobile and PC, you should have downloaded and installed Shareit on both mobile and PC.

How to connect PC and Mobile?

You can connect the mobile and PC in different ways. If you find one method does not work for you, you can try another method. Some methods are given below:

1. Connect via Hotspot on PC:

  • You get the hotspot name from the home screen of shareit when you run SHAREit on your PC.
    Click your PC name in the bottom left corner to find the password for the hotspot on the computer.
  • On your mobile phone, first, connect your phone to the hotspot on the PC and then launch the share it app on the phone.
shareit for ios
shareit for ios
  • Now open the main menu of shareit and Connect to PC, the SHAREit will automatically detect your PC and establish a connection between the mobile and PC.

2. Connect via Hotspot on mobile:

  • Run SHAREit on your mobile phone. In the top right corner of the SHAREit app, you will see four dots (four little squares), click on it and select the ‘Connect to PC’.
  • And then click on ‘PC Search Mobile’ at the bottom right corner. This will automatically turn on the hotspot on your mobile. And show your current network and Password. You need to enter that password on PC when it asks.
SHAREit between PC and Mobile
SHAREit between PC and Mobile
  • In the PC, click ‘search hotspot of mobile’ from the home screen of SHAREit, and then the app should
  • automatically detect your mobile phone. Now click the profile picture of the mobile to connect.
    Make sure to keep your mobile screen awake, not timed out or locked. Otherwise, the SHAREit for PC does not detect or connect to your mobile.

3. Connect via LAN:

  • You can connect both mobile and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.
    Open Shareit app on your mobile, in the top right corner of SHAREit app, you will see four dots (four little squares), click on it and select the ‘Connect to PC’.
SHAREit between PC and Mobile
SHAREit between PC and Mobil
  • Now select the ‘Scan to Connect’ option at the bottom left corner.
    After that shareit will open the camera on the phone, point the camera to the QR code which displayed in SHAREit on PC.

Send files from mobile to PC:

To send files from mobile to PC, first of all, you should connect your mobile with PC by using the above methods. Make sure both mobile and PC are connected to the same network. If the wireless will not catch then click on ‘is the device you are searching for not found’ and then you can look your password try to connect your Wi-Fi. When your phone is connected to the PC, you will see the file selection and transfer screen. In that, tap on the photos to choose photos or videos from your mobile’s gallery and click on next to send it to your PC. If you want to share files and documents, you need to click on files to find, select and transfer from mobile to PC.

shareit for ios
send files from mobile to PC

Send files from PC to Mobile:

Once the mobile and PC are connected, you cannot only send files from mobile to PC but also send files from PC to mobile. If you want to transfer files from PC to mobile, open the SHAREit app on your PC. The main screen Shareit for PC contains three categories such as pictures, files, and screenshots. These options can be used to choose the type of files you want to transfer. You can choose any of them to select images, videos, music or documents and send them; to the connected phone. Also, you can use the drag and drop method for selecting files.

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Final words:

Hope this post is helpful in resolving your doubts on how to connect and how to share files between mobile and PC.

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